Tạp chí KTĐN số 76

* Số tạp chí: 76(2015)
* Tác giả: Nguyen Quynh Huong

Tóm tắt

Current studies, while focusing on productivity of manufacturing firms in Vietnam, have not paid due attention to efficiency of energy enterprises. Using the data on electricity industry drawn from the Vietnamese Enterprise Census (2006-2010), this paper examines factors influencing the survival probability of firms in the industry in Vietnam. The obtained results reveal that among others, capital stock and expenditure on inputs such as materials and services were the significant determinants of firms’ surviving likelihood in the market. This likelihood was also positively correlated with the age of firms, however, in an inverse fashion when the firms reached a certain age. The result also suggests that incumbents and new entrants in the industry might be in soaring demand of massive capital investments for the fixed asset expenditures (capital stocks) and maintenance costs (material and services expenditures) of large-scaled power projects, which calls for the financing not only from local but also from foreign investors. [1]


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